Presentation Tips

This collection of tips was transcribed from a seminar given in Seattle by Edward Tufte. He attributes these tips to another author (but I can't remember who it was).

Post scriptum

October 18th, 1999: Amazing. Seems my good deed of providing this list over the web has been carried out before, and pretty close to home. Ted Romer, a former student in my department, transcribed almost the exact same list back in 1995!

October 24th, 1999: I guess the trend is catching. Recently, AJ attended the Tufte seminar. She transcribed a more extensive set of notes that you also might want to look at.

October 24th, 1999: Thanks to Shimon Schocken from Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya for pointing out a typo on this page. I'll sleep better tonight!

October 4th, 2001: Bernhard Reiter points out that the above links to Ted Romer's home page are now defunct. I don't even remember how many years ago he left the department.

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