How do I become successful in the field of computer networking?

How can I be successful as a grad student?

You and Your Research (transcript) (video) , Richard Hamming
How to Have a Bad Career in Research, David Patterson
Ten Pieces of Advice I Wish My PhD Advisor had Given Me, J. Kurose
Technology and Courage, Ivan Sutherland
How to Read a Paper, S. Keshav
So Long, and Thanks for the PhD!, Ronald Azuma
Advice for New Graduate Students, Jennifer Rexford
Hints for Writing a PhD Proposal, Angelos Keromytis
Research Patterns, Nick Feamster
Networking on the Network, Phil Agre

How can I learn to write a research paper?

How to Increase the Chances Your Paper is Accepted at ACM SIGCOMM, Craig Partridge
A Referee's Plea, Mark Allman
Top Ten Tips for Writing a Paper, Jim Kurose
Writing Systems and Networking Articles, Henning Schulzrinne
How to Write an Abstract, Philip Koopman

How can I give a good talk?

Giving an Academic Talk, Jonathan Shewchuck
How to Give a Great Research Talk, Simon Peyton Jones
Giving a Conference Talk, Mike Dahlin
How to Give a Technical Presentation, Michael Ernst
Presentation Tips, Edward Tufte

How can I find a job?

Industrial vs. Academic Research, Jennifer Rexford
How To Get A Job, Mary Baker
Tips on the Interview Process, Jeannette Wing
Getting an Academic Job, Michael Ernst

Job announcements: CRA, The Chronicle of Higher Education, IEEE Computer Society Jobs, ACM Career and Job Center, University Jobs, Job Offers in Systems (Eurosys).

How can I be successful as a new professor?

Writing reviews for systems conferences, Timothy Roscoe
Towards More Constructive Reviewing of SIGCOMM Papers, J. Mogul
Improving Sigcomm: A Few Straw Proposals, Tom Anderson, Jim Kurose, Scott Shenker
Organizing a Workshop, Shriram Krishnamurthy
ACM/IEEE Health of Conferences Committee, Mark Hill, Jean-Luc Gaudiot, Mary Hall, Joe Marks, Paolo Prinetto, Donna Baglio

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